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I. acceptance of petitions for the 2009 bar examinations

Period:  June 1-July 15, 2009
No extensions will be entertained.

II. Place, dates and time of Bar Examinations:

1. Place: De La Salle University, Taft Avenue, Manila
2. Dates: September 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2009
3. Time: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon; 2:00 to 5:00pm

III. Suggested coverage for the 2009 bar examinations

1. Cut-off date for coverage of Supreme Court decisions
(June 30, 2008)

Republic Acts, Presidential Decrees and Executive Orders
(December 31, 2007)

2. inclusions

3. exclusions

1. Constitutional law
2. Political Law
3. Administrative Law and Law on Public Officers
EXCLUDE: Implementing rules and regulations of different agencies
4. Laws on suffrage
(a) party list law (RA 7941)
(b) omnibus election code of the philippines (BP 881)
(c) electoral reforms law of 1987 (RA No. 6646)
(d) RA 7166 An Act Providing for Synchronized National and Local
Elections and for Electoral Reforms
(e) RA 9006 Fair Election Practice Act
5. Local Government Code (RA No 7160) (Basics)
EXCLUDE: Provisions relating to local taxation
6. Public Corporations
7. Public International law – to include:
(a) international human rights law
(b) international humanitarian law


1. Labor laws (labor standards law and labor relation law)
(a) labor code of the philippines (PD No. 442, as amended)
Books I, II, III, V, VI and VII
(b) thirteenth month pay law (PD No. 851, as amended)
(c) the omnibus rules implementing the labor code of the philippines
(limited to cases decided by the Supreme Court)
(d) guidelines for the exercise of the right to organize of government
employees, etc. (Executive Order No. 180, June 1, 1987)

2. Social legislation
(a) social security act of 1997 (RA No. 8282)
(b) government service insurance act of 1997 (RA No. 8291)
(c) anti-sexual harassment act of 1995 (RA No. 7877)
(d) agrarian/land reform laws
Employees Compensation and State Insurance Fund


1. Civil Code of the Philippines
INCLUDE: the law on sale of subdivisions lots and condominium (PD NO. 957) and the condominium act (RA No 4726)
EXCLUDE the following:
(a) code of muslim personal laws of the philippines (PD No. 1083)
(b) water code (PD 1067)
(c) the rental law (BP Blg 25 and amendments)
(d) intellectual property law
2. The family code of the philippines
EXCLUDE: Child and Youth welfare code (PD 603)
3. Domestic adoption act of 1998 (RA No 8552)
4. Inter-Country adoption ac of 1995 (RA 8043)
5. property registration decree (PD No 1529)
INCLUDE: public land law (CA No. 141, as amended)
6. Conflict of laws (Private international law)

1. General Principles of Taxation
2. National Internal Revenue Code
INCLUDE: (a) comprehensive tax reform act of 1997 (RA No. 8424)
provisions in effect
(b) all value added tax (VAT) laws in effect
EXCLUDE: Percentage taxes, excise taxes and documentary stamp
3. tariff and customs code
EXCLUDE: arrastre and classification of commodities
4. RA No. 1125, Creating the Court of Tax Appeals, as amended
5. The Local Government Code on Taxation

1. Code of Commerce
(a) merchants and commercial transactions, articles 1-63
(b) letters of credit under the code of commerce (arts 567-572)
INCLUDE the following:
(i) bulk sales law (Act No. 3952)
(ii) the warehouse receipts law (Act No. 2137 in relations to the
General Bonded Warehouse Act (Act No. 3893)
(iii) PD 115 on Trust Receipts
2. Negotiable Instruments Law
3. Insurance Code (PD No. 1460)
INCLUDE: Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation Act (RA 3591),
as amended
4. Transportation laws
(a) common carriers (Civil Code Arts 1732 to 1766)
(b) Commercial contracts for transportation overland
(Code of Commerce, Arts. 349 to 379)
(c) maritime commerce (code of commerce, arts. 673 to 736; also
Arts 580-584 of code of commerce, as superseded by RA No. 6106; Arts 806 to 845 of code of commerce; paragraph 6 of section 3 of carriage of goods by sea act (Com. Act 65)
(d) public service act (Com Act No. 146), as amended
(e) the warsaw convention of 1929 (limited to the carrier’s liability)
5. Corporation Law
(a) the corporation code [BP Blg 68]
(b) securities regulation code (RA 8799)
(c) banking laws: (general terms and provisions)
(i) the new central bank act (RA No. 7653) (Basics)
(ii) law on secrecy of bank deposits (RA No. 1405, as amended)
6. Intellectual Property Code (RA No. 8293)(Basics)
EXCLUDE: Implementing rules and regulations
7. Special Laws
(a) the chattel mortgage law (act 1508 in relations to arts. 1484, 1485, 2140, and 2141 of the civil code)
(b) real estate mortgage law (Act. no . 3135, as amended by RA no. 4118)
(c) the insolvency law (Act. No. 1956) including rules on corporate rehabilitation (PD 902-A)
(d) truth in lending Act (RA NO 3765)
EXCLUDE the following:
(1) omnibus investment code of 1987 (executive order no. 226)
(2) foreign investment act of 1991 (RA No 7042)


1. the revised penal code (books I and II), as amended
EXCLUDE: penalties for specific felonies
2. indeterminate sentence law
3. probation law
4. anti-graft and corrupt practices act (RA No. 3019, as amended)
5. anti-fencing law (PD No 1612)
6. bouncing checks law (BP Blg. 22)
7. dangerous drugs act of 2002 (RA No. 9165, as amended)
8. heinous crimes act (RA No 7659, as amended)
9. anti-money laundering act of 2001 (RA No. 9160)
EXCLUDE: civil forfeiture rules
10. obstruction of justice (PD 1829)

1.the rules of court, as amended
(a) 1997 rules of civil procedure
(b) revised rules of criminal procedure (effective december 1, 2000)
(c) rules on evidence
(d) rules on special proceedings
2. the 1991 revised rules on summary procedure
3. local government code on conciliation procedures
(Book III, Title I, Chapter 7)
4. the judiciary reorganization act of 1980 (BP Blg 129), as amended by RA No 7621 and rules issued thereunder (emphasis on jurisdiction excluding purely administrative provisions & RTC as commercial courts)

5. judiciary act of 1948
EXCLUDE the following:
(a) PD no. 946 (Reorganizing the CAR)
(b) Military justice
6. jurisdiction of sandiganbayan
(a) RA No. 7975
(b) RA no. 8249
7. The rule on the writ of amparo (AM No 07-9-12-SC)
8. the rule on the writ of habeas data (AM NO. 08-1-16-SC)

1. code of judicial conduct
2. code of professional responsibility
3. grievance procedures (rule 139-b, rules of court)
4. legal forms



  1. thank you for updates.


  2. many errors. tsk


  3. Thank you for your comment. However, please take note of the date when the post was made – May 4, 2009. Some changes in the coverage have occurred since then, and am not responsible for any “error” you adduce this post to have. What you have here were the information published in the Supreme Court website on that day.


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