Posted by: Elmer Brabante | June 10, 2009


no_assholes_bigMore than the legal issues surrounding Con-Ass, what is enraging about it are the apparent hidden political agenda of the PaLaKa representatives. After all the haste in passing the Resolution in a rather unhonorable manner, they now admit that they do not really know what comes next. Pathetic, are they not? There are more stringent bills waiting for their attention (like the CARL extension) rather than this jai hoed political maneuvering. We’ve seen the same moves before; they could have been more creative this time. However, that’s what happens when one is desperate – he loses whatever sophistication is left of him. Just like a bloated-bellied man waiting for his turn to the toilet, he loses his senses, drops his pants, shows his ass to the world, flushes his shits out.


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