Posted by: Elmer Brabante | June 17, 2009

Bed break

Sorry. No updates til the next post.

Am currently battling with the pains around my groin and sides (pardon my ignorance of medical terms).  I had first felt the excruciating pain around my abdomen down to my groins on Monday morning, June 8th. I thought it was an attack of urinary track infection (UTI) which would often hit me, as would other call center agents. Ergo, I took my usual medications. Our company doctor confirmed that it was UTI, on Thursday morning (the 11th), advised me to undergo urinalysis, and continue taking my medicines for UTI.

The urinalysis result showed that I had 100+ red blood cells (RBC) – the normal would be 1-2.  On the other hand, my white blood cells were normal; which means that, all the pains were not caused by UTI.  The doctor at the Medical City advised an immediate ultrasound procedure, as she suspected nephrolithiases.  Bad thing, I would have the test only the next day.  Despite the pain, I ran around the nearest hospitals and clinics to have myself an ultrasound  test.  But I was destined to endure the pain that day.  That night was one of the longest of my life….

Friday morning came, ultrasound was finally done on me.  Indeed, I was hit by Nephrolithiases.  In common language, there are sand-size stones forming in my kidneys (4.4 millimeters).  No worry, the medicines will do the job of melting these in two weeks.  It sounds easy, but wait until the nigth-time comes.  I wish to have the best painkillers around just to get me through the morning.

Tonight I will try a so-called de-toxifier.  I don’t want to experience again the overpowering pain I had last night.  In the final analysis, this whole illness urges me a radical rectification in my faulty lifestyle.  It begins with a good attitude from within.  Certainly, illnesses are but just the consequences of bad habits – like suppressing the urine when it’s time to go to the john.


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