Posted by: Elmer Brabante | August 3, 2009

Thank you, Madame Cory Aquino

The entire Filipino people and the rest of the freedom-loving community worldwide mourn the passing of our great leader, former President Corazon C. Aquino. 

 Her death is surely a painful loss for those who have lived in the dark days of tyranny and for us who continue to fight for truth, and struggle to pursue, achieve, restore and preserve genuine democracy.   

 Never had the Filipino people have a great leader than Cory, the true symbol of unity, democracy and humble rise to power.

 Never in the history of the Philippines had we as a people been prouder to claim to be Filipinos than under the leadership of Cory.

Cory rose to power amidst the vestiges of violence and lies of the former dictatorship.  Despite the opportunity of getting even to her husband Ninoy’s tormentors, Cory offered her presidency to ensure that the Filipino people would never again suffer under a repressive government.  Hence, among the first things that the Aquino leadership did was to promulgate the Constitution, the basic document that ensures the reign of democracy and respects the civil and political rights of the people.  

Even long after she stepped down from Malacañang, even as she silently suffered the pains of colon cancer, Cory continuously and selflessly offered her remaining days to rally the people against threats to democracy and tinker with the Constitution.  For us, the Constitution is not just a collective expression of the Filipino people’s quest for a just and humane society; the Constitution is the symbol of Cory’s visionary leadership. We then as a people who fought great battles that cost the lives of thousands of Filipino lives should not let any move to tinker with the Constitution.  We should unite, under the spirit of People Power and by the inspiration of Cory, to quell any self-servient move to amend the Constitution – at least not in the proximate time.

 Cory will be remembered for People Power.  And as long as the flames that sparked People Power keep burning, the spirit of Cory will never die.  As long as every individual clamors for truth, justice and peace, Cory Aquino will live as an inspiration for generations and generations.

 We are grateful to Cory for all the fruits of liberty and democracy that we so enjoy now in our land.  As Cory leaves this temporal world, we pray that God receives her in His kingdom.  God is truly marvelous for giving us Cory as His instrument for restoring peace and faith in our land.   

May you rest in the arms of our Lord, Madame President Cory C. Aquino.  Thank you for sharing your life with us, for us. Thank you too, to your family for selflessly sharing you and Ninoy with us.


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