Posted by: Elmer Brabante | October 6, 2009

Elections 2010, Series 1

ARE YOU a registered voter or not sure about it? Check COMELEC’s online Voter’s Registration Verification and Precinct Finder (VRVPF) to find out!

In the VRVPF page, you will be simply asked to provide the following data: complete name (last name, middle name, surname) and birthdate. After hitting the “find now ” button, the site will immediately refresh and display whether you are a registered voter in the results page.

Moreover, the following information shall be shown in the results page: precinct number, province, municipality, barangay and whether or not you have already updated your biometrics info.

The VRVPF, however, disclaims as follows:

Data is based on the submissions of our field election offices as of June 17 2009. If you think your registration record should be active, and this SEARCH facility gives you a negative result, please verify with the local COMELEC office where you are registered.

Pending submission of data from certain cities/municipalities, data from the 2007 Barangay Elections are still being used for this Search facility.

Take note that double registration is an election offense. You might want to verify first whether you are registered or not or whether your registration is active or deactivated before registering yourself anew. “The Omnibus Election Code states that double/multiple registration constitutes an election offense. This happens when a registered voter, whether deliberately or inadvertently, registers anew without filing an application for cancellation or transfer of his previous registration. (COMELEC, Press Release 03 March 2009)”



  1. be responsible enough to choose the right candidate to lead us for the next six years


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