Posted by: Elmer Brabante | February 2, 2011

2011 Bar Exams To Be Held In November

Candidates for the 2011 Bar examinations now have two-month longer preparations as the Supreme Court (SC) recently announced that the Bar exams shall now be held in the four Sundays of November instead of the customary September schedule. 

Moreover, the venue shall be moved to the University of Santo Tomas instead of the De La Salle University as the latter no longer renewed the contract with the High Tribunal. SC Spokesperson Midas Marquez said that SM MOA SMX located in Pasay City is also being considered as the new venue of the Bar exams.  

Some reviewers earlier stated that this move to transfer the venue would be violative of the provision in the Rules of Court which provides that the Bar examinatios shall be held in the City of Manila. One law professor even cautioned to file a case should the planned transfer pushed through. However, it should be noted that the Supreme Court has the Constitutional power and authority to promulgate and amend its rules.

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By Tetch Torres
First Posted 15:02:00 01/19/2011

MANILA, Philippines –The Supreme Court has announced that the 2011 Bar examination has been moved from September to November.

Court Administrator Jose Midas Marquez said Wednesday that the high court decided to move the examination taking into consideration the rainy weather.

In 2009, the high court suspended the last day of the Bar exams due to Tropical Storm “Ondoy”.

At the same time, the venue for this year’s examination will be at the University of Santo Tomas after DeLa Salle University no longer renewed the contract with the high court. But Marquez clarified that it has nothing to do with the explosion last September that injured around 40 people.

Marquez added that aside from UST, also considered as venue for the exams was the SM-MOA SMX convention but the area was only available for one Sunday. Bar examinations are held for four consecutive Sundays.

He added that this is the first time in two decades that the high court moved the Bar examination to another month.

“For the past two decades, it is always September,” the spokesman said.


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