Posted by: Elmer Brabante | February 2, 2011

Ateneo de Manila Bar Review 2011


ENROLMENT DATE :  Starts 10 January 2011 (first come, first served)

(Enrollment Time:  1:00 to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday)


Preparing an Effective Bar Review Program – 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. 05 April 2011

Pre-Bar Review –  Starting 03 May 2011

Pre-Week Review –  To be announced later 


Lectures will be held in the Ateneo Professional Schools, Rockwell Center, Makati City at the APS Auditorium (Basement 1) and at the Veritas Room (Fourth Floor).  Students enrolled in the Bar Review Program are also entitled, as of April 5, 2011, to use the facilities of the APS Library which is located at Basement 1.


No special qualification or credential is required.  However, the applicant must be willing to abide by the disciplinary rules and regulations of the school.

2 copies of I.D. picture of the applicant, size 1 x 1 with name printed at the back.

FEE : Pre-Bar and Pre-Week P22,000.00

This fee is payable in lump sum upon enrollment.  No refund or transfer of tuition is granted for students who dropped out.


Check the Ateneo Law School Website, for Schedule updates.

Bar Review Program Rules and Regulations

1.  The student is reminded of his/her agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of the Ateneo Law School.

2.  The following may merit immediate dismissal; drunkenness, stealing, immorality, carrying of deadly weapons, contempt or repeated violation of rules.  No refund of tuition is made upon dismissal of the above infraction.

3.  Every student is required to wear/pin the official Bar Review Identification card before entering the APS building and to display said I.D. at all times within the building premises.  A lost Identification card will be replaced upon payment of a fine of P500.00.

4.  Recording of all bar lectures via cassette, cameras, mobile phones and other gadgets are not allowed.

5. All seats are on a first come, first served basis and no reservations are allowed.  If all seats at the Auditorium are taken, Veritas Room in the fourth floor will be opened simultaneously for overflow of reviewees.

6. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the APS Building.

7.  ALL REFRESHERS IN THE BAR REVIEW PROGRAM: As per Supreme Court instructions, all refreshers are required to have an Attendance Sheet for the entire duration of the BAR Review Program. No Attendance Certificate will be issued without the submission of the Attendance Sheet to the Law School Office.  Refreshers are required to inform the Law Office of their Bar Status, obtain an Attendance Sheet and submit additional 1×1 ID picture before the start of the Bar Review Program.

8. Dress Code applies to all bar reviewees upon entrance at the APS Building and is enforced regardless of the intended designation within the building.  Reviewees are not allowed to wear:

  • Slippers (whether high heeled, with design or branded);
  • Shorts above the knee; and
  • Sleeveless tops.


1.  The Librarian has full authority in the library, delegated to him/her by the School Administration.

2.  Silence is expected at all times.



  1. Sir, pwede po papost ng scheds and roster of lecturers ng Baste? Thanks po! God bless!


  2. hi! i just would like to ask the price rate for the pre-bar only. thanks.


  3. hello po, pwede p bang mag enrol for review, meron p bang slot? thanks!


  4. Is there still an available slot for the 2011 Bar review? If not, could we just avail for the pre-week review…if yes, is there still an available slot and how much would the pre-week only cost? Thank you>


  5. Hi, Mylene. I hope i can provide you an answer for that. I suggest you call them up directly.


  6. Hi Sir Elmer.

    Is there any available sample on how to answer the Legal Opinion Essay Exams and Trial Memorandum as well? I have not encountered so far any sample to that effect except formulated questions/problems as posted in the Supreme Court website.

    Moreover, wala po bang available na info about the review conducted by U.P. Law Center kasi wala po dito sa site nio? Thank you very much po and God bless =)


  7. Sir gud day. May sked na po ang ADMU BAR Review for 2012? Tanx..


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