Posted by: Elmer Brabante | February 18, 2011

Quiz No. 5

Here’s another quiz, in Criminal Law, Remedial Law and Legal Ethics, composed of ten (10) questions. To get started, please click the box below. Passing grade is 80 percent. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the right answers on the first take; you can do the quiz again. Good luck! I hope you enjoy it.



  1. I like your quiz corner, it will helps 2011 barrister.


  2. Hi everyone,
    I don’t really belong here but I need some help. My question/scenario is:
    One neighbor had a backyard pool that the neighbors and their infant son always used. It was behind proper fencing, however, the homeowner was doing some outside work and “thinks” he left the entrance door unlatched. The infant was later found in the pool, deceased, as well as a teenaged neighbor who had apparently, somehow, noticed the emergency and jumped in to help. Please note that the pool was covered except for an open corner so the family dog could swim.

    The parents of the infant had left him playing in a sunroom of sorts, with an unlocked door leading to outside. The parents were doing various jobs in the house and each thought the other was looking in on the child. Neither was.
    Can the neighbor with the pool be charged in both the infant’s and teenager’s deaths under the attractive nuisance doctrine?

    Can comparative and/or contributory negligence be used as a defense for the death of the infant because the parents neglected to lock the door?

    Because the older child was a teen, can the homeowners be held liable? The teen was also often invited into the pool and did various odd jobs for the homeowners.

    I really would appreciate any help



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