Posted by: Elmer Brabante | March 3, 2011

Changes in the 2011 Bar Exams

By now, candidates to the 2011 Bar Examinations should already know the significant changes in the toughest national examinations in the Philippines.   For one, from the customary September, the examinations will now be held in the four Sundays of November. This would give longer and better preparations to the candidates and especially to the examiners to fine-tune the multiple-choice type of questions which will be used comprehensively for the first time. From the De La Salle University (DLSU), the venue will now be the University of Santo Tomas.

“B.M. No. 1161 (Re: Proposed Reforms in the Bar Examinations).- The Court Resolved, upon the recommendation of the Office of the Bar Confidant, to APPROVE the schedule of the filing of Petitions to Take the Bar Examinations to JULY 1, 2011 up to AUGUST 15, 2011, considering that in the resolution of January 18, 2011 in B.M. No. 2265, the date of the 2011 Bar Examinations was moved from September to November 2011.”

Of important concern for me are the subjects to be tested in the four Sundays of the Bar examinations. En Banc Resolution dated 8 February 2011 amends Section 11 of Rule 138 (Rules of Court), to read:

“Section 11. Annual examination. — Examinations for admission to the bar of the Philippines shall take place annually in the City of Manila.  They shall be held in four days to be designated by the chairman of the committee on bar examiners. The subjects shall be distributed as follows: First day: Political and International Law, and Labor and Social Legislation (morning) and Taxation (afternoon); Second day: Civil Law (morning) and Mercantile Law (afternoon); Third day: Remedial Law, and Legal Ethics and Forms (morning) and Criminal Law (afternoon); Fourth day: Trial Memorandum (morning) and Legal Opinion (afternoon).”

Take note of the additional subjects, Trial Memorandum and Legal Opinion. Honestly, if I were to take the Bar Exams this year, I would not be too confident to handle these subjects. I need more briefing on these ones. On the first Sunday, the examinee will already be confronted with three (3) heavy subjects, what with the often dread Taxation in the afternoon. The rigor intensifies as he reaches the second Sunday, this time to face the two giants that are Civil Law and Mercantile Law. It would be a defining moment whether or not to proceed to the third and fourth Sundays–if the examinee is ill-prepared, that is. Retaining the combination of Remedial Law and Legal Ethics is a rational decision, given the exceptional difficulty of Remedial law.

Good luck to the 2011 examinees!




  1. how to make good trial memo and legal opinion, the format and pls show us the form


  2. hi, can u post samples of trial memo and legal opinion….thanks!


  3. pls. email me also a sample of trial memorandum and legal opinion. it will help in our review. thanks


  4. Wala pa po bang sample sa Trial Memorandum at Legal Opinion writing? Hope it will be posted here soon or email me at Tanx..


  5. Hi, Sir! With the change in this year’s Bar format, the Philippine Association of Lawyer’s created three volumes of sample MCQ’s which were unfortunately found to have a lot of typographical errors. There are some questions which are asked with the same facts on the next set which have different answers. What’s the point in having PALS reviewers if they will only poison us with typo errors?


  6. erratum: Philippine Assoc. of Law Schools, I mean..


  7. totoo bang 11% lang pumasa sa poli?


  8. you are so good. im so amazed by how you discussed criminal law. =) i thought you were from my college. anyhow, God bless. =) you have the makings of a topnotcher.


  9. sir good day can post for the memorandum type of exam. jut for the benfits for those who have not yet meet that type of exam


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