Posted by: Elmer Brabante | March 4, 2011

Posting for Lawyers (Project Basis)

York Philippines, Inc.- Global Workplace KnowledgeCenter

Advertised: 02-03-11 | Closing Date: 01-05-11

Johnson Controls is a Fortune 500 company, which have achieved excellence for more than 100 years. We are a global leader in automotive experience, building efficiency and power solutions. The company offers products and services that optimize energy use and improve comfort and building efficiencies. Established in 1885, we are today a global leader in building efficiency business. Locally, the organization is under York Philippines, Inc.

We are looking for customer-focused candidates who have a drive for excellence to join us for challenging and rewarding careers. We require candidates of the highest professional caliber who share our corporate philosophy of continually exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Lawyers [Project Basis]
(National Capital Reg)



a. Commercial Legal Division – Lawyers with at least 1 year experience handling clearing on compliance of red flags is an advantage.
b.Contracts Management Division – Lawyers with at least 1 year experience handling Contracts Management.
c. Recent board passers with no experience are welcome to apply.
d. Bachelors degree in Law are encouraged to apply.
a. Excellent communicator, both in Verbal and Written
b. Fluency in Mandarin an advantage
c. Team player and self-starter, ambitious and self-motivated.
Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Law/Legal Services or equivalent.
7 Contract positions available.


 York Philippines, Inc.- Global Workplace KnowledgeCenter
40th Floor GT Tower International Ayala Avenue, cor HV dela Costa St. Makati City -.




  1. To Whom It May Concern
    Dear Sir/Mom;

    My name is Nasser Al-Ameri. I have lived in the United States on student Visa Since 1987. I got married and became legal worker with a work permit from the Immigration in 1997, till I was under surveillance by the CIA and FBI and illegally arrested, and put in jail. I was interviewed by the FBI and Immigration as many as three times at my apartment before my arrest after Nine Eleven.

    On the 12 of February, 2002 on a cold harsh Winter I found myself surrounded by the FBI and was thrown naked in jail in a cold room. I remained naked in the cold room with nothing except a metal bunk. I was taken in and out by force for interrogation. I was denied neither to make any calls nor to have a lawyer.

    At first, they told me to plea guilty to something that I could not have done nor could any one in the world scientifically could have done. They told me to plea guilty that I have made genuine ID cards for myself and other Arabs that they called unknown Arabs. This accusation is scientifically proven impossible to been committed. They wanted me to plea guilty that I made genuine Highly, Technologically, Sophisticated ID cards. They claim these highly sophisticated IDs are genuine not counterfeit pixel by pixel. And the strangest thing that I made these genuine IDS on a home computer. They also claim that I used iron to put the laminate. These ID cards are still being issued by the State Of Arkansas.

    I knew that I am in the United States that my rights are protected but I was naïve. The lawyers who were appointed to me by the court and government told me that Mr. Ashcroft, the Attorney General back then is after me and that the time is bad for me to fight the Government, and that I am an Arab and a Muslim and wanted me to plea guilty and go home in two weeks.

    I knew that I will prove my innocent from their accusations and told him not to plea guilty and justice will be there. He could not make the government comply to be fair as to bring expert witness neither to prove their case impossibility nor to bring my colleagues whom I worked with nor my evidence and discovery they have against me

    As it is mentioned in the court the government said they have secret evidence against me by the CIA and the FBI and that they are not and will not show to the court nor to me. They white out some of the 302 writing of my supposing words to the FBI while I was illegally interrogated and in the state of being promised that I will at least have a piece of cloth to warm up my body from the cold. I was disconnected from communicating to the outside world.

    I asked for my money to have my own lawyer hired. I was denied. I was denied for every humane need I asked for.

    My evidence of documents, computer hardware and, software are many and countless. Most are still in the State of Arkansas with the courts, States and federal Governments. And I ask your help to please get those evidences for me.

    As, I was in jail struggling to feel little warm the mistreatment increased. Then they got mad at me in Washington to fabricate more of serious crime against me so that I bee done in jail. They fabricated a serious crime against me that I was going to; I can’t even say the accusation that I told them I was going to blow the Olympic in Utah. They use the word the “evidence developed” instead of saying being fabricated. Some time they said I said this, some time they say I said that. They lied and lied to see me put in prison for as long as they can. The head of the FBI had lied and committed perjury and obstruction of Justice, as the attached document shows. This lie according to the United States law should put this lying head officer whom fabricated most of the evidence in jail for long time. All the evidences against me were never tangible or concrete; it is all hear said, in other word he said she said. Even he said she said, sometimes to scare me that they have tape recorded it. Sometime they say it is just what they heard me say.
    At Trial, the government had some lying witnesses and all the fabrications in the world with video and audio and all the developed evidence they developed while they brought me with my jump suit from jail. I wanted my discovery to defend myself, again I was denied. I asked the judge I can’t participate in an unjust and unfair trial. I was not disruptive at all. The proxy judge threw me out the court and they had the trial without me.
    As I stayed three years or so without trial suffering, tortured, beaten up, mistreated. Of course now with the new fabricated charges I was seen and mistreated like a terrorist. I had MRSA Infections the whole seven and some years.
    I could not reach for help and when I could sometimes to the court, the court would ignore me or deny my appeal or like it is mentioned my letter would not reach the court or others whom I was sending it to. Even my embassy has said they did not receive my letters. I was cut off completely.
    I was robbed of my money I worked all my life about 45, 000 dollars or more I kept in the apartments. Three of my cars, Gold, Jewelries, diamonds and all I worked for in my life and possessed were taken away from me. But the main thing I knew I would once get all I was robbed of, but mainly the INJUSTICE done to me. I am still now suffering as the result of this INJUSTICE.
    Now since I was brought to Sana’a in May 13, 2009, I have been contacting and appealing to the U.S Courts but to no avail. I also appealed to Hillary Clinton which I once knew and met her husband in Little Rock, Arkansas for help but also to no avail. I also have been appealing to Organizations and Lawyers.
    I am now seeking justice and to get my rights back through your HELP. I ask for your help to get my lost humane right and what I lost and being suffering as the result of this INJUSTICE.

    Yours Truly,
    Nasser Al-Ameri


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