Posted by: Elmer Brabante | June 12, 2011

Consolidated Reviewer in Remedial Law (PDF)

Click the link below. When a new window pulls up, click the link anew to go to the file.






  1. its not allowing me to go to the page where I can download the you consolidated reviewer in remedial

  2. tnx a lot sir.

  3. No link to download the pdf


    kita ko sa advanced search ng google. thanks sa author

  5. hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm……until now., i can’t download the pdf format of remedial law reviewer.

  6. Please click “ELMER’S REMEDIAL LAW REVIEWER 2011”.
    It will pull up another screen.
    Similarly, click “ELMER’S REMEDIAL LAW REVIEWER 2011” on the new page, then wait until the download is completed.

    Pardon me if I can’t do it any better.

  7. Thank you so much sir elmer……! it cud be of GREAT HELP…… More blessings in return…………..

  8. YEHEEEEEE……………..! kuha ko na….. daghang salamat jud.

    • how did you do it mam thata?tnx

  9. how can download the reviewers?

  10. can you email this reviewer? cant download it. thanks.

  11. sir,

    Why I can not open the Remedial Law Reviewer?



  12. Hi! an error occurs when we try to download the consolidated reviewer. Is there another way for me to download please?

  13. hi, kindly clarify item no. 2 on how to acquire jurisdiction over defendant that states -Instances when appearance of defendant is not tantamount to voluntary submission to the jurisdiction of the court: (a) when defendant files the necessary pleading; (b) when defendant files motion for reconsideration of the judgment by default; (c) when defendant files a petition to set aside the judgment of default; (d) when the parties jointly submit a compromise agreement for approval of the court; (e) when defendant files an answer to the contempt charge; (f) when defendant files a petition for certiorari without questioning the court‘s jurisdiction over his person.

    Because in GR No.165273 SC said-We have held that the filing of motions seeking affirmative relief, such as, to admit answer, for additional time to file answer, for reconsideration of a default judgment, and to lift order of default with motion for reconsideration, are considered voluntary submission to the jurisdiction of the court.

    i just want to be enlightened,,thanks

  14. Hi how to download the reviewer?

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