Posted by: Elmer Brabante | July 16, 2011


Please click the link below. When another screen pulls up instead of the file, click the link “CRIMINAL LAW REVIEWER” therein as well and wait for the download to complete.


This personal reviewer had been published with the implied understanding that no commercial transaction is intended.  Any hard copy nor pdf  copy emailed for sale is not authorized. Please beware of any poseur.

Please do not be deceived by any seller such as a certain networkingboys who sells, among others, this reviewer. An ad appears at



  1. Maraming Salamat Po!

  2. Thank you. It is really a great help.. May God shower you with His bountiful blessings.

  3. i cannot see the file

  4. Thanks a lot! It’s really a great help

  5. sir, can’t download it too.

  6. sir i cant download po

  7. sir, i can’t download dn po..but thanks for the other’s a great help po..^^

  8. sir wala po talaga.. pero salamat po..

  9. Thank you for your generosity sir! This has really helped me a lot. God Bless and more power🙂

  10. sir can ill buy a copy of criminal law 1 & 2 reviewer.

  11. Great copy! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Good afternoon poh. How can I have my own copy po??

  13. caNt find the file

  14. ba’t wala po?…

  15. No link, no file. I can’t get a copy. Is there any other way to download the file?

  16. Thank you for this! Guys, just click the big consolidated crim law reviewer there, then you will be sent to another page. There will be another consolidated crim law reviewer link at the top portion of the page, but smaller this time. You’re good to go after you click that.🙂

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